Street artist Reed Bmore uses needle-nose pliers and lengths of galvanized wire to create lyrical and playful pieces art that he hangs around the city of Baltimore, Maryland. He designed a clip system for his wire sculptures that enables them to hang securely while still being able to move with the breeze. And if you’re wondering how he gets them up there in the first place, while Reed was actually climbing street light and traffic poles at first, these days he uses a telescoping painter’s pole instead.

Considering that his work is put up in Baltimore and made of wire, we were delighted to learn that the artist is currently working on a series of pieces based on the TV series The Wire.

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Monogram Logo by Leterme Dowling & Counter Print


Embroidered brooches by cOnieco


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Design by lg2boutique



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Tres Quince
by SKINPOP Studio and Alán Guzmán


Christoph Bader (Germany) - wired uk 0513 0711

Processes that produce shapes are a central theme of Christoph Bader’s work: “To me this is a switch from a product oriented thinking to a process oriented way of working. This if often called generative or procedural design. In generative design you as a designer are no longer manly concerned about the outcome or the final product rather you are focused on the process which generates the final result. Designing processes is the business of a generative designer. These processes generate theoretically infinitely many outcomes and as such can be a valuable tool.”

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Adventure Films by Sam Lane / samlanedesign.co.uk


PH.D by ONY / ony.ru


Roots & Bulbs 

Sarah, our client, said, “We’re opening London’s first cold pressed juice bar. Can you give us some stand-out branding and packaging?”

The amazing colours of Roots & Bulbs’ cold pressed juices called for a simple identity. We created a bold but unobtrusive logo in white, printed directly onto transparent bottles, so the drinks could speak for themselves. The nifty naming system was inspired by the periodic table, and the brand colour palette looks artisanal without being worthy. All of which complements the salubrious shop environment, which we co-designed.

More on: robot-food.com

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Vinepair by Leta Sebierasjki / letasobierajski.net